Month: July 2015

Herefordshire and it’s History


The beautiful Herefordshire countryside has so much to offer, and here at Caroline Bulmer Properties we want to ensure you make the most of your stay. With such a large amount of things to see and do it’s hard to know how to prioritise it all, so we thought we would give you some recommendations on sights that you wouldn’t want to miss on your holiday. Herefordshire is renowned for the Cathedral, the Mappa Mundi and The Chained Library, sights steeped in culture and English heritage, here’s why they are not to be missed.

The Cathedral
Considered a must see tourist attraction in Herefordshire, the Cathedral towers majestically over the city. The sheer size of the Cathedral and the attention to detail in the architecture will have you standing in awe before you have even entered. Home to a host of treasures, the Cathedral offers magnificent painted chapels and burial shrines to be admired. The stained glass windows are imposing as you walk through towards the altar, and very few visitors leave without a lasting impression of their beauty and skill that created this amazing place. We highly recommend visiting the Cathedral whilst the choir are practising, or attend a regular service and take time out to reflect and listen to the angelic singing in the inspiring surroundings.

The Mappa Mundi
The Mappa Mundi is unique in English heritage and records how scholars of the 13th century interpreted and perceived the world in both geological and spiritual terms. It shows Jerusalem at the centre of the world, surrounded by other geographical regions, as well as illustrating biblical events and creatures of the natural world. To this day it is considered one of the most important and celebrated medieval maps, and one that many tourists seek to discover when they visit Herefordshire.

The Chained Library
The Chained Library is the largest of its kind in existence and with all the original rods and locks intact, it’s a special sight for any history buffs or medieval enthusiasts. It’s the home of many important books and manuscripts which were chained due to their high importance and value, this was a method that was considered the best security system from the middle ages. The system allows books to be read on the desk whilst remaining chained to the bookcase. The library holds a number of copies of the original Magna Carta, which is considered to be the foundation of English Law.

The Cathedral always has plenty of knowledgeable staff on hand who are happy to give a more detailed insight into the importance of the Mappa Mundi and The Chained Library. Make sure you take a visit, and share their enthusiasm about the great history of Herefordshire with them!

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The Norfolk Beach Guide


Norfolk is one of the most beautiful coastal counties in the UK, and is renowned for it’s even more beautiful beaches. Each beach varies in landscapes, from sand dunes and sandy beaches, to vibrant rock pools. So with that in mind, and the potential that the English weather has this year, we wanted to tell all of our Bulmer property visitors about some of our favourites, so that you can really make the most of your staycation!

Hunstanton Beach
Hunstanton beach is known for its red and white striped cliffs and is a firm favourite in Norfolk. The shallow beach runs for 2 miles and when the tide goes out, it uncovers some great rock pools for the whole family to explore. Hunstanton is the only east facing town in Norfolk, so is one of few places in the UK to offer spectacular views of the sun seamlessly setting into the ocean. There are children’s activities to enjoy, so if you’re away with the whole family this would be more suitable for you.

Sheringham Beach
This beach is located by the victorian town of Sheringham. It is worth checking the tides when visiting this beach, however, if the beach is at high tide you can always take a lovely walk along the promenades and admire the sea views. When the tide is low, the beach offers the perfect sand for sandcastles, stretching as far as the eye can see, or rock pools where you can become an explorer for the day.

Cromer Beach
Where time stands still, this Victorian resort is a favourite among families, as it has expanses of sandy beach. The Pier offers not only a delicious Fish n chip shop, but it’s also the perfect place to go crabbing! Cromer beach has everything you need to enjoy a quintessential British beach holiday.

Sea Palling Beach
This gorgeous beach is popular, but not too over crowded and the sea is much calmer than other parts of the coast making it the perfect place for a swim. Sea Palling is also very close to Hickling Broad, providing the the best of both worlds if you’re a nature lover. The golden sand remains even when the tide is out which makes it ideal for anytime of day, meaning it’s always a good time to go and take in the beautiful surroundings.

Mundesley Beach
Mundesley beach is largely untouched, so If you’re looking for a quiet beach away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist spots, then we recommend Mundesley. This beach is family friendly, offering lots of space to fly kites, and of course build sandcastles throughout the summer. Mundesley beach benefits from a close sea, even when the tide is low, meaning your children are always within an arm’s distance as they paddle and play.

We are always on hand to give you any more information that you may need, so please do call us on 01432 760858. And, if you’re looking for last minute availability then take a look at our website


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Summertime In Herefordshire

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It seems that the UK got lucky this year with the weather (although we don’t want to jinx it!) We hope that the sunshine carries on throughout July and August so that we can get outdoors and explore all that the county has to offer. So that’s what this blog post is dedicated to – things to do in Herefordshire this summer! We’re showcasing some of the best events that the county has to offer, so that our guests at Caroline Bulmer Properties have the best possible stay!

Cheltenham Music Festival – 30th June – 11th July

Each year, this event provides 12 days of thrilling musical entertainment to it’s visitors! Featuring the very best artists from across the UK and beyond, the Cheltenham Music Festival is perfect for any lover of classical music.

Beer on The Wye XI – June 10th – June 12th

Now recognised as an annual ‘must-do’ event for the county, the giant big top-style marquee will be returning once again to the banks of the River Wye – pitched right in the heart of historic Hereford. Food, drink, music & entertainment, what more could you want when holidaying in the beautiful county of Herefordshire!?

Jazz and Blues Evening With Cocktails and Dinner – July 10th

The clue is in the title! If you’re a fan of Jazz and Blues this one’s for you, party the night away at the beautiful Castle House in Herefordshire.

Comedy Club – July 17th

Held at The Courtyard in Hereford, this one is tried and tested! Go along with a group of your friends and enjoy the fast witted comedians and lively atmosphere – the evening promises to be a hoot and is bound to create amazing memories for your holiday!

Yoga Retreat – July 19th –

If you’d like to release stress, detox, improve your yoga or to simply just relax on your break in the Countryside, then rejuvenate at this yoga retreat. No prior experience needed, so anybody can go along!

IBSA Blind Football Euro Championships – August 22nd – August 29th

From Hereford to Rio… the top 2 teams at this championship will be off to the 2016 Paralympics, so all to play for. Proudly hosted by The Royal National College for the Blind, 10 teams from across Europe will be competing in this highly entertaining, fast paced sport. Come on England!

If you’re looking to stay local for a long weekend, or for a family holiday, we still have some great Last minute offers available at The Cider Barn and The Lodge.

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